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Tuscan Salami
This traditional dry cured is made with ground pork and seasoned with garlic, wine, and fennel.

A large, coarsely ground, dry-cured sausage that is popular in Southern Italy. Made with lean pork meat, pork fat, and spices of infinite combination

Peperone(Italian for large pepper) is a lean, tangy, and highly spiced sausage

A heavily seasoned salami with fennel and garlic

Spanish Chorizo
A traditional Spanish cured salami with chili powder, cumin, garlic, paprika, and cayenne pepper

Another traditional Italian Salame. Loosely translated to mean hunter, this flavorful salami seasoned with coriander, caraway, and red pepper was taken on long hunting trips

A smoked German style salami seasoned with caraway, coriander, and garlic

Cured Meats

A cured, and dried pork jowel. It comes from the Italian word for cheek, guancia. This bacon has a strong pork flavor and is unsmoked

Berkshire Pancetta
This is an unsmoked, cured Italian rolled bacon from the Bershire pig. Used in country style Italian dishes or sliced thin for sandwiches

Maple Cured Bacon
Pork Belly cured with salt, brown sugar, maple syrup, and smoked

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